Just Works Consulting



Accelerated Cure Project

"Within a short time of working with Ora, I knew we had found a masterful guide who would lead our diverse program teams and our organization’s staff to new understanding, focus, and productivity.  

There are so many wonderful reasons to engage with Ora – among them her deep caring for the cause and work, her skills of facilitation and her gift for fostering communication, and her ability to lead groups to a shared understanding and sense of purpose.

Most amazing to me, though, is her willingness to teach along the way.  I’ve benefited from each interaction with Ora through adding to my own skills of leadership and facilitation.”

-Sara Loud, COO



“…having Jonathan and Ora together in the room gives you extra dynamics. There is love in the room, and the will to get out of comfort zones and create change where it’s most needed but we are unwilling to go. I strongly recommend hiring them both!”
-Wim Nienhuis, former CEO



"I learned so much working with Ora. I felt like when we began we were looking for answers and now I feel more like we are the answers!”
-Melissa Castillo, Director


Center for health progress

"Ora is the best in the business. If you're looking for a consultant who can take your strategic thinking and organization to the next level, look no further. Ora seamlessly combines rigorous goal-setting, root cause analysis, and value-based decision making into planning efforts that lead to transformational change. She also has an ability to connect with diverse members of the organization in authentic team development processes. Taken together, Ora truly offers the whole package.”
-Joe Sammen, Executive Director


City of Cambridge Agenda for Children

" The work Ora has done with us has meant a world of difference to the feel and structure of our organization. It’s simply amazing!!"
 -Susan Richards, Co-Director



"Through our Strategic Planning process, Ora held our mission and values as close to her heart as we do. Ora was able to help us make sense of our group's thoughts and ideas, and turn them into a concrete plan.  She is an incredible guide."
 -Ruby Reyes, Co-Executive Director


Domestic and Gender Based Violence Prevention Initiative

"Ora's ability to hear multiple viewpoints and create a process for alignment is extraordinary. Ora's social justice framework informs her consultation on all aspects of her work. We are truly grateful to have had Ora assist us in gaining more clarity on the structures and processes by which we do our work. She has been a gift and we will continue to call upon her!!”
-Elizabeth Speakman, Coordinator


Fair trade Federation

Ora has skillfully guided our organization through two strategic planning processes and multiple phases of growth.  She has a clear sense of purpose and uses her knowledge to unite passionate people around common goals. We emerged from strategic planning processes with a clear sense of where our organization is going as well as renewed energy for the journey.  We are truly grateful for Ora's guidance!”
-Renee Bowers, Executive Director



“Ora has been working with NESAWG for the past several years, including facilitating a strategic planning process that has been incredibly helpful in setting our course. She has helped us work through some significant organizational challenges, make difficult decisions, and helped orient us in a right-sized workplan with appropriate roles and responsibilities for staff and board.

As a new Executive Director, I found it immensely valuable to work with Ora. She helped me uncover for myself what my own style of leadership was and gave me a variety of tools and ways of thinking about leadership and power to help me get there. She guided me, but I did this work myself, which was a critical piece of the process for me. I started not sure if I'd be able to take this mantle on, but left feeling confident, motivated, and 100% capable of my abilities.”
-Tracy Lerman, Executive Director



"Ora combines her wide-ranging skills and experience with a determination to engage her clients in processes that will meet their particular needs, in the context of their own organizational culture. She is absolutely artful. We achieved everything we set out to do."
-Judy Beals, Campaigns and Outreach Director



Over the course of our strategic planning process with Ora, she converted a group of planning skeptics into believers. Not only did our plan live and breathe day to day, rather than collecting dust on a shelf, it organized our thinking and increased our efficacy, ultimately enabling us restructure and rebrand our organization, double our gross sales, execute a leadership transition, and overhaul and modernize our internal systems. Working with Ora is like navigating an immense forest in the hands of a trusted guide. Her thoughtfully designed process, enabled me to spend the bulk of my time seeing the trees and landscape anew without worrying about navigation.
-Laura Edwards-Orr, Executive Director



“Ora's skill as a consultant and facilitator is only exceeded by her positive and creative approach to bringing people together to solve problems. With her guidance we were able to clarify and recommit enthusiastically to our unique role in making the world a better place, with everyone on the same page and energized by the process."
-Bob Chase, Executive Director



"Ora has helped us move purposefully and gracefully through many different phases of growth. Her foundational work with us to clarify our organizational values and vision continues to deeply inform every step of our way since.  We've benefitted greatly from her skillful facilitation and coaching with program development, role clarification, strategic planning, board development, and leadership transition. Ora has the full trust and confidence of our board and staff.  Her support has been tremendously valuable to me and is an essential part of our success as an organization."
-Katherine Brown, former Executive Director


Third Sector New England

"Working with Just Works as we considered a significant shift in our organizational practices was just what we needed. They provided a unique blend of reflective space and action oriented meetings that allowed us to radically re-think the how and why of our work. We have now moved forward on implementing the deep changes that evolved as a result of their excellent facilitation blended with practical know-how."
-Heather Harker, Director of Programs