Just Works Consulting


Our Approach & Services

Just Works Consulting helps people and organizations working for social, racial, environmental and economic justice to thrive.  Our specialty: helping organizations succeed by facilitating change initiatives, strategic planning, leadership development, and meaningful conversations. 
With two decades of expertise in organizational development, we build customized solutions that tap into the most creative and effective practices from the nonprofit, cooperative and ethical business sectors.

What sets Just Works Consulting apart: We strive to operate with dignity and compassion that honors our shared commitment to creating change in the world. Clients choose Just Works because we facilitate processes that deliver results to enact and amplify our clients’ highest aspirations. 


•  Strategic Planning: Design and facilitation of tailored planning processes that help your organization identify and agree on future directions.

•  Interim Leadership: We provide experienced interim leadership to help transition to new internal or external leadership.

•  Retreat and Meeting Facilitation: Nuanced, attentive guidance through complex conversations that enables groups to deepen relationships, refresh purpose, and find creative solutions.

•  Organizational Effectiveness: Guidance as you seek to transform your organization’s culture, leadership, strategy, or structure and inspire renewed energy in pursuit of your mission.