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Strategic Planning

Ora has skillfully guided our organization through two strategic planning processes and multiple phases of growth.  She has a clear sense of purpose and uses her knowledge to unite passionate people around common goals. We emerged with a clear sense of where our organization is going as well as renewed energy for the journey.  We are truly grateful for Ora's guidance.

-Renee Bowers, Executive Director, Fair Trade Federation

Strategic planning and visioning give your organization the opportunity to energize, focus, and build agreement—and excitement—around your future direction. 
We facilitate strategic planning processes that are grounded in each organization’s unique purpose and needs, responding to and reflecting an organization’s priorities and culture.  We can help you anticipate required action and resources, cultivate widespread buy-in and support, and build focus and momentum.
We help you make space for and honor the perspectives and identities of all involved, and engage those whose voices are necessary. 

Just Works has led dozens of organizations through strategic planning processes that resulted in exciting, realistic frameworks for future action and decision-making.


To learn more about our approach to strategic planning, download our whitepaper Strategic (and Successful!) Planning.