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Organizational Effectiveness

Ora converted a group of planning skeptics into believers. Not only did our plan live and breathe day to day, it organized our thinking and increased our efficacy, ultimately enabling us to restructure and rebrand our organization, double our gross sales, execute a leadership transition, and overhaul and modernize our internal systems.

Working with Ora is like navigating an immense forest in the hands of a trusted guide. Her thoughtfully designed process, enabled me to spend the bulk of my time seeing the trees and landscape anew without worrying about navigation." 

-Laura Edwards-Orr, Executive Director, Red Tomato

Organizations are always changing, in ways big and small, welcome and not. With compassion and strategy, Just Works Consulting helps you make the most of change as a powerful pathway for growth, whether you are embarking on a specific change or striving for broad, ongoing improvement.
We partner with our clients to better align their aspirations for their organization—mission, clarity of purpose, and goals—with its structures, its leadership, and its operations. We help you strengthen organizational culture, deepen trust and connections, and grow your ideas about what’s possible. 
Just Works Consulting helps our clients achieve clarity on their purpose, priorities, and next steps, with increased communication and trust.
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Team Building
Just Works designs and facilitates initiatives that help teams improve communication, build trust, and move through changes—in structure, culture, strategy, or leadership—which enable people to find satisfying ways to work together and do their best work.
Conflict Transformation
Conflict is a natural part of human interaction. When not managed well, however, it can create mistrust, stagnation, or negativity. With extensive experience with conflict transformation, Just Works uses tools such as mediation and Non Violent Communication (NVC) to guide cultural shifts that better support collaboration and empowerment. We help our clients break down the barriers that separate people and develop skills and tools to work together more effectively.
Board Development
Just Works Consulting works with boards to increase their capacity for effective governance and to help board members contribute more fully to organizational health. We provide counsel and training on roles and responsibilities, decision-making, and best practices for high performing boards.
Where Does It Hurt? Health and Disharmony in Organizational Ecosystems
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