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Organizational Effectiveness

I learned so much working with Ora. I felt like when we began, we were looking for answers and now I feel like we are the answers!"

-Melissa Castillo, Director, Cambridge Youth Programs

Change is a constant part of the evolution of organizations. We support and guide our clients to more fully inhabit their purposes and connect more deeply with their stakeholders.

When things get in the way of organizational effectiveness, we work collaboratively to identify the blockages, use a variety of tools to help create clarity and health, and provide the needed wisdom and leadership.

We infuse our work with a deep commitment to racial justice. Our approach includes acknowledging and repairing past harm, embracing organizational and personal healing, and supporting our clients as leaders and changemakers.

Most commonly, our organizational effectiveness work brings new tools, processes, awareness, and commitment to address problems such as:

  • Lack of shared clarity about the organization’s Guiding Ideas (mission, vision, values)
  • Unclear goals and roles
  • Lack of capacity to understand and address systemic oppression and racism
  • Leadership challenges
  • Ineffective patterns of communication

We partner with our clients to design and facilitate processes that create clarity, strengthen leadership, address injustice and bias, and engage in deeper communication and authentic relationships.

Related Workshops:

We also custom design workshops to meet our clients’ leadership development goals. Some of these include:

Want to run more effective and engaging meetings that embody equity and inclusion, bring out the best in people and produce better results with groups? This Just Works Workshop teaches the skills and tools needed for effective facilitation. Topics include agenda setting, decision-making, and techniques for guiding effective discussions.

DISC is a tool used by organizations around the world to improve individual and team effectiveness. It helps people to understand different communication styles and the impact that they have on other people as well as other people’s behavioral and communication styles.

This highly engaging organizational simulation, based on the work of Barry Oshry, deepens understanding of organizational and systems dynamics and personal leadership. For more information on the Organization Workshop, visit Power and Systems.

Just Works designs and facilitates initiatives that help teams improve communication, build trust, and move through changes—in structure, culture, strategy, or leadership—which enable people to find satisfying ways to work together and do their best work.

Conflict is a natural part of human interaction. When not managed well, however, it can create mistrust, stagnation, or negativity. Just Works uses tools and methods such as mediation, Non Violent Communication (NVC), and Deep Democracy to guide cultural shifts that better support collaboration and empowerment. We help our clients break down the barriers that separate people and develop skills and tools to work together more effectively.

Just Works Consulting works with boards to increase their capacity for effective governance and to help board members contribute more fully to organizational health. We provide counsel and training on roles and responsibilities, decision-making, and best practices for high performing boards.

Just Works Consulting brings a cross-racial team to guide organizations in an intensive journey to understand and address systemic racism, We use trainings, communities of practice, and affinity groups to support both personal and organizational learning.


Where Does It Hurt? Health and Disharmony in Organizational Ecosystems
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