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Ora Grodsky

“Ora has helped us move purposefully and gracefully through many different phases of growth. Her foundational work with us to clarify our organizational values and vision continues to deeply inform every step of our way since.  We've benefitted greatly from her skillful facilitation and coaching with program development, role clarification, strategic planning, board development, and leadership transition. Ora has the full trust and confidence of our board and staff.  Her support has been tremendously valuable to me and is an essential part of our success as an organization." 
-Katherine Brown, Executive Director, Southside Community Land Trust

Ora Grodsky has been consulting to organizations that work for social change for over 15 years. She’s a skillful trainer and facilitator with a creative, empathetic approach that engages groups and leaves them feeling more energized, optimistic, and directed. She begins with the belief that the seeds of knowledge needed to create a powerful future can be found within the system itself.

She helps groups develop a shared vision of how to work together and build their own capacity to constructively address differences and resolve conflict.  She’s led dozens of organizations through strategic planning processes resulting in exciting, yet realistic plans that are essential guides for future action and decision-making.

Creating Organizational Health

In her earlier career as an acupuncturist and academic dean of the New England School of Acupuncture, Ora noted parallels between the human body and the workings of organizations. She saw that organizations--like the body--are more than the sum of their parts. They are systems that are most effective when leadership, roles, resources, vision, goals, and most importantly, people, are aligned and working as part of a greater whole. Ora uses her holistic training to identify sticking points in organizations and create processes that restore balance and health.

Ora’s commitment to creating organizational health as an essential part of social justice work crystalized when she cofounded the AIDS Care Project (now Pathways to Wellness) during the start of the AIDS epidemic, prompting her to return to graduate school. After receiving a Master’s degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, she began consulting as a Youth Development Specialist for the Massachusetts Prevention Center System, helping schools and community-based organizations build the capacity of youth to create healthier communities.


Ora draws on a wide variety of tools and approaches in her work. She has trained extensively in small and large group facilitation, leadership development, planning, conflict resolution, mediation, anti-racism and social inclusion, and nonprofit governance. She utilizes many innovative and proven approaches in her work with her clients, including Nonviolent Communication, Power and Systems (the work of Barry Oshry), Visual Facilitation, Immunity to Change, DISC, and Appreciative Inquiry.

Ora is married to Jonathan Rosenthal. They live near Boston, Massachusetts (USA) with their two daughters.

Contact Ora at ora@just-works.com or 617.870.5377