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Leadership development

I learned so much working with Ora. I felt like when we began we were looking for answers and now I feel more like we are the answers!"

-Melissa Castillo, Director of Operations, Cambridge Youth Programs

Organizational strength depends upon strong leadership at all levels. Just Works trains and coaches leaders to learn tools, develop structures, and adopt practices that bring out strength and power in yourself and others, foster effective collaboration, and inspire action, in alignment with your values and aspirations.
Related Workshops:
We custom design workshops to meet our clients’ leadership development goals. Some of these include:


Want to run more effective and engaging meetings? Bring out the best in people? Produce better results with groups? This Just Works Workshop teaches you the skills and tools you need for better facilitation. Topics include agenda setting, decision-making, and techniques for guiding effective discussions.


DISC is a tool used by organizations around the world to improve individual and team effectiveness. It helps people to understand different communication styles and the impact that they have on other people as well as other people’s behavioral and communication styles.


This highly engaging organizational simulation, based on the work of Barry Oshry, deepens understanding of organizational and systems dynamics and personal leadership. For more information on the Organization Workshop, visit Power and Systems.


How do you and your team handle conflict? Would you like to do better, and respond in healthier ways? Conflict is a necessary and important aspect of human experience and creativity. With training and practice, we can engage with it positively. This workshop offers tools and frameworks for transforming conflict into deeper relationships and creative possibilities.