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‘What’s Fair’ With Jonathan Rosenthal

by: Jonathan Rosenthal

November 15, 2012

Originally published on Fairtrade International US website

In today’s ‘What’s Fair,’ Jonathan Rosenthal makes a plea to all interested in fair trade to continue the discussion. Jonathan has worked to convert the destructive aspects of business into a positive force since 1980.He co-founded Equal Exchange andOké USA and is interim executive director ofCo-op Coffees.

I have been involved in what we now call fair trade since the early 1980s when I first began dealing with Nicaraguan coffee being sold by Bridgehead in Canada and then Friends of the Third World in Indiana. 

I was working at a consumer cooperative warehouse and looking for ways to put my commitment to social justice in to action in the food world. That experience helped create the concepts and launching pad for a new company, Equal Exchange. 

We have succeeded beyond our wildest early dreams. Now that fair trade has been integrated into more mainstream markets and businesses, it is a moment for us to step back and craft new visions of stretching imaginations, markets, organizations and people to go further and deeper in creating a fairer world.

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