Just Works Consulting




“…having Jonathan and Ora together in the room gives you extra dynamics. There is love in the room, and the will to get out of comfort zones and create change where it’s most needed but we are unwilling to go. I strongly recommend hiring them both!”
-Wim Nienhuis, former CEO



"I learned so much working with Ora. I felt like when we began we were looking for answers and now I feel more like we are the answers!”
-Melissa Castillo, Director of Operations



"A few of our board members had been skeptical about working with a consultant.  After our planning retreat they all told me that they were completely engaged and delighted with the results. We were so fortunate to work with Ora!"
 -Dorothy Suput, Founder and Executive Director


Chefs Collaborative

"Ora is a very skilled facilitator with a depth of knowledge about how nonprofits function. She is vigilant about helping groups clarify and reach important goals and helps organizations move beyond points of tension in order to get the work done. " 
-Melissa Kogut, Executive Director


City of Cambridge Agenda for Children

" The work Ora has done with us has meant a world of difference to the feel and structure of our organization. It’s simply amazing!!""
 -Susan Richards, Co-Director



"Through our Strategic Planning process, Ora held our mission and values as close to her heart as we do. Ora was able to help us make sense of our group's thoughts and ideas, and turn them into a concrete plan.  She is an incredible guide."
 -Ruby Reyes, Co-Executive Director



“Between her superb people and analytical skills and her unique talent as a facilitator, Ora has played a key role in our organization's ability not only to weather change but actually harness it to become a stronger, healthier, and more vital cooperative.”
-Tripp Pomeroy, Board Chair


Divine Chocolate

“Ora and Jonathan are two of the best listeners I have ever met.  This in turn makes them wise, empathetic and constructive counselors able to help organizations and their leaders through a range of challenges. It is a pleasure to work with them."
-Erin Gorman, Vice-Chair, Board of Directors


Domestic and Gender Based Violence Prevention Initiative

"Ora's ability to hear multiple viewpoints and create a process for alignment is extraordinary. Ora's social justice framework informs her consultation on all aspects of her work. We are truly grateful to have had Ora assist us in gaining more clarity on the structures and processes by which we do our work. She has been a gift and we will continue to call upon her!!”
-Elizabeth Speakman, Coordinator


Fair trade Federation

“Ora's support during our Strategic Planning Process was tremendous. Not only did she guide us through many difficult decision-making moments, she also taught me a great deal about how to continue the collaborative momentum created during the process. She is always upbeat and simply amazing!”
-Carmen Iezzi, Former Executive Director


Health in Harmony

“Ora did a fabulous job facilitating our strategic planning; she led us through an excellent process, kept us on track, and made it lots of fun. We highly recommend her."
-Kinari Webb, M.D., Founder



“Ora helped us carve out a safe space in which everyone in our organization could truly be heard. Taking time to address our differences and really understand who we are and the needs of our constituents allowed us to create a focused and meaningful plan.”
-Alyssa Holland Short, Executive Director



"Jonathan has come to us at critical junctures in our business over the past decade. Through his listening, his wisdom and his ability to see through the noise he has helped us to make good decisions for our business.

“Trying to figure out the world of co-ops and co-op structure is not easy, but Jonathan has been a mentor to us with his deep personal knowledge about co-ops and their structure. Jonathan’s support and belief in us has been invaluable and we count ourselves lucky to have his guidance.”
-Deborah Moore, Co-founder and General Manager



“Jonathan has a great empathy for people. His thoughtful leadership is driven in large part by an acute sense and understanding of inequality. His work is centred on helping others, be it members of a coffee cooperative in El Salvador or local students wanting to learn about sustainable food systems. His work is characterized by collaboration, which is not a ‘nice to have’, it is the only way he can work. This is of great benefit to those lucky enough to work with him. To quote a phrase that Jonathan lives by, “as we build the road, the road builds us."
-Bruce McKinnon, Founder



“Jonathan Rosenthal's Just Works proved a sensitive and insightful resource that helped my staff recharge and redefine our original vision and find a new path forward. He brings an astute ability to balance the demands of the marketplace with a greater social benefit. Just Works just works.”
-Adam Neiman, Founder and CEO



"I credit Jonathan for successfully transforming our cadre of self-confident and brilliant young people, who often found the harsh reality of the fresh produce business at odds with their idealism, into outstanding professionals accepted within the trade."
-Rob Amsterdam, Director of Sales and Operations



"Ora combines her wide-ranging skills and experience with a determination to engage her clients in processes that will meet their particular needs, in the context of their own organizational culture. She is absolutely artful. We achieved everything we set out to do."
-Judy Beals, Campaigns and Outreach Director


PraCtical Farmers of Iowa

"Ora helped us to clarify our directions and strategies and to improve our organization. Our staff have also become better facilitators as a result of our work with her."
-Teresa Opheim, Executive Director



“Jonathan es una persona con una visión clara que ha revolucionado la vida de mucha gente en nuestros pobres paises para contribuir a cambiar la vida de quienes historicamente han estado en desventaja y por supuesto, con sus iniciativas y ejemplo tambien ha contribuido a cambiar la perspectiva en el mundo desarrollado. Todo esto lo ha logrado fiel y  firme a sus principios y valores, prefiriendo salir atropellado antes que atropellar; prefiriendo humillarse antes que ser soberbio; prefiriendo replegarse antes que imponerse....esta ha sido nuestra lucha, nuestro estandarte, nuestra mistica. Es como un espejo donde se refleja toda esta integridad suya y es el modelo que sigo, mas aun en los momentos que necesito de esa fuerza que el inyecta."
-Rosario Castellon, Co-founder



“Ora’s support and guidance of our strategic planning process was invaluable.  She knew exactly how to balance listening and reflection with challenge and action, and created a process that was participatory, engaging, and highly productive.  She kept us focused, and adhered to an ambitious timetable that worked.  We are extremely pleased with the outcome and quite simply could not have gotten there without her expert facilitation.”
-Bernadette Orr, Chair, Board of Directors

“Jonathan’s contributions have been pivotal to the Fair Trade movement; he has an extraordinary commitment to social justice, and a deep understanding and connection to producers and cooperatives. He brings a strong ability to understand and work with complex systems and value-chains; he is a creative problem solver and adviser."
-Betty McKenzie, Former Co-Director



“As CEO of Root Capital, I have worked with Jonathan for over a decade. Over the years, few people have inspired, challenged, and improved my thinking more than Jonathan. He once told me that naiveté is a strategic advantage 'for if you had any idea what you're getting into, you'd never have done it.'  Well, once you've 'done it' (i.e., launched a social enterprise), you'll find no better adviser, strategist, and mentor on the planet." 
-William Foote, Founder and CEO



“Ora's skill as a consultant and facilitator is only exceeded by her positive and creative approach to bringing people together to solve problems. With her guidance we were able to clarify and recommit enthusiastically to our unique role in making the world a better place, with everyone on the same page and energized by the process."
-Bob Chase, Executive Director



"Ora has helped us move purposefully and gracefully through many different phases of growth. Her foundational work with us to clarify our organizational values and vision continues to deeply inform every step of our way since.  We've benefitted greatly from her skillful facilitation and coaching with program development, role clarification, strategic planning, board development, and leadership transition. Ora has the full trust and confidence of our board and staff.  Her support has been tremendously valuable to me and is an essential part of our success as an organization."
-Katherine Brown, Executive Director



"Jonathan helps people be the best that they can be. He knows how to lead, understands the difference between being a visionary and being a leader, knows how to navigate the distance between the two, and in the process, enables people and organizations to grow into their own skin. Add kindness and a caring transparency and you have the ultimate Board Chairman.

“He straddles many generations with ease. When you have climbed that mountain you can see much further then those who have not. The best CEOs might claim that they have gotten to the top of some mountains but Jonathan has gotten to the top of Everest and he can see for miles and miles and miles ahead."
-Paul Katzeff, co-founder

Third Sector New England

"Working with Just Works as we considered a significant shift in our organizational practices was just what we needed. They provided a unique blend of reflective space and action oriented meetings that allowed us to radically re-think the how and why of our work. We have now moved forward on implementing the deep changes that evolved as a result of their excellent facilitation blended with practical know-how."

-Heather Harker, Director of Programs