Just Works Consulting


Strategic Planning

“Ora’s support and guidance of our strategic planning process was invaluable.  She knew exactly how to balance listening and reflection with challenge and action, and created a process that was participatory, engaging, and highly productive.  She kept us focused, and adhered to an ambitious timetable that worked.  We are extremely pleased with the outcome and quite simply could not have gotten there without her expert facilitation.

-Bernadette Orr, Chair, Board of Directors, Red Tomato

Strategic planning and visioning processes are opportunities to energize and focus an organization and build agreement—and excitement—around future directions. We believe that plans are most effective when they include the voices of multiple stakeholders, enable the organization to use its resources and energy to better fulfill its mission, and map out realistic pathways for success. We guide planning processes that produce results that are grounded in the vision of the organization, anticipate required action and resources, and enjoy widespread buy-in and support.


To learn more about our approach to strategic planning, download our whitepaper Strategic (and Successful!) Planning.