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Retreat and Meeting Facilitation

“Ora combines her wide-ranging skills and experience with a determination to engage her clients in processes that will meet their particular needs, in the context of their own organizational culture. She is absolutely artful. We achieved everything we set out to do."

-Judy Beals, Campaigns and Outreach Director, Oxfam America

Retreats and meetings are powerful tools, when done at the right time, for the right reasons, with the right process and right group of people.  Retreats help us step away from daily work and see each other, our assumptions and our work with a wider lens and a new curiosity.  They can open up new possibilities and generate momentum and good will that moves our work forward in powerful ways.

We believe that meetings and retreats can and should be enjoyable and productive! We create dynamic, interactive processes that engage participants and lead to tangible, satisfying results.

We facilitate conversations that enable people to listen to and hear each other in new and nuanced ways. When meetings and retreats are carefully structured and guided, they build trust, nurture relationships, and help groups move forward together with renewed respect.



To learn more about our approach to planning retreats, download our whitepaper The Why, When, and How of Successful Retreats