Just Works Consulting


Organizational Change

Ora is a very skilled facilitator with a depth of knowledge about how nonprofits function. She is vigilant about helping groups clarify and reach important goals and helps organizations move beyond points of tension in order to get the work done. " 

-Melissa Kogut, Executive Director

Few people or organizations welcome change without fear or resistance. Even though change is often hard, it’s also a powerful pathway for growth as we seek to become more effective in our work.

We partner with our clients to design and facilitate initiatives that help them move through changes and enable people to find satisfying ways to work together and do their best work, whether that’s a change in structure, a change in culture, a change in strategy, or a change in leadership.

We guide efforts to shift organizational cultures steeped in mistrust, stagnation, or negativity into cultures that support collaboration and empowerment. We work with our clients to break down the barriers that separate people and build skills and tools to work together more effectively.