Just Works Consulting


What We Do

Just Works Consulting helps ethical businesses, nonprofits, networks, schools, and social entrepreneurs develop thriving organizations. Our services range from assistance with specific projects, such as business plans, meeting facilitation and feasibility studies, to helping organizations with their biggest challenges, such as leading change initiatives or strategic planning.

Just Works applies our knowledge of organizational development, social change, leadership, business planning, cooperatives, education, social capital, and global supply chains to help clients develop their visions and achieve their goals. We incorporate the most creative and effective practices that we’ve learned from the nonprofit, cooperative and ethical business sectors to create customized services for each client.

All of our work includes deep listening, joint reflection, and collaboration, and delivers results that reflect and reinforce our clients’ vision and values.  


•  Leadership and Nonprofit Board Development: We provide coaching and training that empowers leaders, enables more effective governance, and sustains healthier organizations.

•  Organizational Change: We guide organizations that seek to transform their culture, leadership, strategy or structure through carefully designed processes that foster collaboration and inspire renewed commitment to their mission.

•  Retreat and Meeting Facilitation: We guide participants through customized, well-structured, dynamic processes that help groups deepen relationships, refresh their connection to their purpose, and find creative solutions to their challenges.

•  Strategic Planning: We work with clients to design and facilitate tailored planning processes that help organizations identify and build agreement about future direction and develop focus and momentum.